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ACORN Project: Practitioner Introduction Video

Updates and Progress Report – Feb 2017

Dear ACORN practitioner members,

Many thanks to you all for your consent to participate in the ACORN project – your ongoing commitment of time and support is

ACORN Introduction

Here are the 5 CPD Questions (1 hr allocation) linked to this video:
1. ACORN has the ability to address many important research questions. Name the other 2 research questions besides safety that are mentioned?

2. What 2 ‘characteristics’ will the 2 page survey focus upon?

3. Finish this statement: “Practitioners delivering research. Research relevant to …………..”

4. List the 3 key items found within the ACORN Invitation Pack.

5. What are the 3 reasons practitioner participation is important to the ACORN project?

How can I participate in ACORN? What are the benefits?

The participation of registered chiropractors is essential to the delivery and success of the ACORN project. All chiropractors across Australia are invited to participate in the ACORN practitioner survey and to join the ACORN practitioner database. An ACORN invitation pack comprising information sheet, questionnaire and database consent form has been sent (via email and post) to all registered chiropractors across Australia in early 2015.

While initial recruitment is now closed, there will be opportunity for other chiropractors to join their colleagues on the ACORN PBRN database. This ongoing recruitment is open to all chiropractors who have not yet joined the ACORN PBRN practitioner database including any recent graduates who are new to practice. For enquiries regarding rolling recruitment or joining the Project please email Professor Jon Adams (

If you are a chiropractor practising in Australia we urge you to participate in the ACORN project. Your recruitment and participation on both the practitioner survey and database are vital to the delivery and success of the project and your participation will help ensure:acorn

  • the impact and validity of the ACORN project findings are maximised (the more chiropactors who participate, the greater the scientific rigour and impact of the project findings);
  • that your specific practice profile and experiences are counted in the ACORN project findings;
  • that you can actively contribute to and support ongoing sub-studies focusing upon specific topics and play your role in shaping the future research direction and outcomes of chiropractic-focused investigations.

acornIf you agree to be included in the ACORN practitioner database, your details will be entered into the password protected database and your responses to the accompanying ACORN practitioner questionnaire will be stored. Such information will inform the recruitment and engagement for further sub-studies on specific topics and issues in chiropractic care. To clarify: your consent to be included in the practitioner database does not automatically lead to your involvement in any future sub-studies. Your involvement in future sub-studies will be entirely at your discretion and you will be able to decide to participate or not participate in future sub-studies on a study-by-study basis and with no consequence to you.

As a consenting participant on the ACORN practitioner database you will receive ACORN project newsletters and updates regarding different stages of the project.

If you still have questions or would like to discuss the ACORN project in more detail please email Distinguished Professor Jon Adams ( For more information please see the ACORN Information Sheet (PDF, 152kB).

For more information related to practitioners, see FAQS