Researcher Info

The ACORN Project has been designed as an inclusive and collaborative research program and there is great opportunity for any interested researchers nationally and internationally to draw upon the ACORN PBRN database for recruitment. The ACORN PBRN Sub-study Expression of Interest (EOI) round is now open and the official ACORN PBRN sub-study EOI application form is available below. We strongly encourage applications from interested researchers across Australia and internationally. For enquiries regarding a sub-study EOI application please feel free to contact Distinguished Professor Adams on

There is an important and essential opportunity for all interested researchers (beyond the ACORN-ARCCIM UTS team) to participate and draw upon the ACORN project. ACORN is at its heart an inclusive and collaborative initiative and there are excellent opportunities and benefits for those interested in conducting rigorous chiropractic research to engage with and utilise the project.  The invitation to collaborate and utilise the ACORN project is open to early-career and senior researchers, clinicians who may wish to partner in research activity as well as PhD students and potential PhD candidates looking to examine a specific area of chiropractic.

acornAn Expression of Interest (EOI) process has been designed to help manage sub-study proposals. EOI submissions are encouraged from clinicians, researchers, potential funders and others. Both national and international investigators are welcomed. EOI submissions will be subject to scientific review by the ACORN Project Steering Committee to ensure quality, rigour, fit and other important criteria.

Please note: all possible Sub-study EOI lead investigators are required to first discuss their proposal and study-idea with either Distinguished Prof Jon Adams ( or Prof David Sibbritt ( Below you will find links to the official ACORN PBRN Sub-study EOI Application Form:

ACORN Substudy EOI Application Form


ACORN is also focused upon research capacity building. Masters and PhD students and/or supervisors of such students (where applicable) are also very much welcomed and are strongly encouraged to contact the ACORN Project Chief Investigators (either Distinguished Prof Jon Adams or Prof David Sibbritt) if they wish to enquire re: drawing upon the ACORN national practitioner database for recruitment purposes. The student does NOT have to enrol at University of Technology Sydney and may be enrolled at another university. Potential Masters and PhD students who wish to enrol at University of Technology Sydney as part of the ACORN study may contact either Distinguished Prof Jon Adams or Prof David Sibbritt for further information. All Masters and PhD students will be required to submit a Sub-study EOI application (see link above).

Drawing upon and utilising the ACORN project to conduct further research has a number of significant benefits. Such utilisation of the ACORN infrastructure and platform will provide an opportunity to:

  • Maximise cost efficiency and time savings particularly regarding project start-up (including recruitment and access);
  • Build upon the established ACORN branding and marketing activities;
  • Draw upon an established large-scale national network of committed practitioners aiding coverage, recruitment and retention of participants and strengthening the validity and impact of your research;
  • Gain additional expert advice and input from the ACORN Chief Investigators (as required and/or requested).

Research teams (external to thee ACORN Project team) can recruit sub-groups of practitioners (and/or their patients) within the ACORN PBRN that are most suitable to addressing the specific focus and research question(s) of interest. The ACORN project facilitates sub-studies which can utilise both quantitative and qualitative methods as well as observational and experimental approaches to research.

For more information related to researchers, see FAQS